Who do I want to be?  What is really important to me?   How do my actions influence and affect others?   I'm not a leader...am I?

 What is the Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar?  

Brought to our community by the West Point Society of Minnesota, it is a free one day interactive seminar where high school students explore the foundations of ethical leadership and their own personal values.   Small group discussions led by peers --Cadets from West Point, the premier leadership school in the country, is the highlight of the day.  Faculty are also invited to attend and participate in a separate session to discuss character development in and out of the classroom. Continuing Education Credits may be available under Standard 9 and Standard 11

 2018 Seminar at a glance:

Date:  Nov 16th, 2018 7:30am check in      8:30am  - 3:15pm

Location: Target HQs Downtown Minneapolis

Cost: $0

School Registration:  will begin September 2018

Theme: Values & Leadership

Guest Speaker: Dr. Stephen Crawford

Small Group Facilitators: Cadets from Minnesota ROTC programs, West Point

 Click on the image to the left to download the a flyer with information about the 2018 Student Leadership Seminar

 Leaders of Character - they're needed in the military, business, and non-profits.  They're needed in schools, in politics, in churches, synagogues, and mosques.  They're needed in every aspect of life.  Your journey to become such a leader starts now. 

The Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar is provided at no cost to participants and fully funded by private donations.  

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