The West Point Society of Minnesota could not provide the quality program that the high school and faculty participants deserve without the generous assistance of several businesses and individuals. 

 2009 supporters  --

We give these individuals and organizations special gratitude.  As 2009 was the inagural seminar, there was no history of success and no evidence of outcomes.  These people gave of their time, or money, or both because they believed in the importance of ethical leadership and the development of leaders of character. 


Mr. Lee Anderson, USMA '61

Ms. Jeanne Kenady, USMA '96

Mr. Scott Richardson, USMA '81

Mr. Aaron Allison, USMA '01

Mr. Richard Borden, USMA '61

Mr. Charles Byrne, USMA '75

Mr. Michael Fisher, USMA '89

Ms Ginni Guiton, USMA '85

Mr. Thomas Luijan, USMA '71

Mr. Jon Lundin, USMA '63

Mr. Todd Wadsworth

Mr. J. Lawton Cain, USMA '75

Mr. Frank Crescioni, USMA '79

Mr. Richard Garlick, USMA '58

Dr. David Polly, USMA '79

Mr. Todd Loudenslager, USMA '80

Mr. Gus Zenker, USMA '62

Ms. Lexa Hoffner, USMA '93

Mr. Dave Limberg, USMA '92

Mr. Vic Ames, USMA '92

Mr. Roger Baldwin, USMA '64

Mr. Mike Farley, USMA '88

Mr. Jeff Madsen, USMA '67

Mr. Jeff Olson, USMA '79

Mr. Al Dorris, USMA '59

Mr. Erv and Jenny Kamm, USMA '62

Mr. James and Mary Saboe

Mr. Kevin Releford, USMA '95

Mr. Joel Olson, USMA '92

Mr. Ray and Judy LoPresto, USMA '62

Mr. John Matuscak, USMA '80

Mr. Larry Zieske, USMA '74

Mr. Lee and Betty Olson, USMA '79

Ms. Dorothy Limberg

Rush Creek Golf Club

SMS (Strategic Research

JEM Consulting

Support Collectors




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