Fall 2011 Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar Keynote Speaker

 Julie Gilbert

As the founder and CEO of WOLF Means Business and former Senior Vice President of Best Buy, Julie Gilbert developed WOLF, a powerful customer segmentation strategy, to transform companies to serve the largest markets in the world. She built and proved WOLF’s powerful financial and cultural results while a Senior Vice President at Best Buy generating an incremental $4.4 billion revenue increase by women consumers and many other significant financial and cultural wins.

Prior to creating and leading WOLF, Julie spent 16 years in corporate America creating and leading several large industry changing businesses at Best Buy and Deloitte. To serve the high-end male segment, she led the creation and scale of Magnolia Home Theatre (still the largest home theatre business in the world). Prior to this, she was an industry leader by co-leading a new business serving teenagers/youth by bringing Virgin Mobile into the US. And, all the while her focus is building business and creating sustainable capabilities. She utilized these skills to reinvent all of retail training for Best Buy by creating “Learning Lounge,” an innovative reinvention of retail training, among others. Each of these has garnered many awards for Julie and teams she leads. Julie’s most recent awards include being named Entrepreneur of the Year award from Huffington Post and PINK magazines Top 15 Women in Business in the United States. Other recent honors include the EPIC Award from The White House Project and one of the 100 Most Successful Women in Business by Profiles in Diversity Journal magazine.Julie has both her Master’s in Business and Bachelors of Science degrees from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business. She frequently teaches at New York University, IMD in Switzerland, Cass Business School in London, and the University of Minnesota. Julie is also a certified public accountant in the state of Minnesota. Julie serves on the board of directors for the Harvard Business Kennedy School Women’s Board and The White House Project. She also is active on an international scale with Susan G. Komen.

Julie has accumulated many awards and honors in her career. She has been profiled in Harvard Business Review, Time Magazine, IMD Switzerland, Business Week, Global Pulse, USA Today, and many other publications. Additionally, Julie is regularly called upon as a noted speaker and spokesperson for media such as CNN, ABC News, Fox Business News, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal and many others.


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