We want to hear from you!!    What are some real-world scenarios that you have encountered that we can use during the seminar?   http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=12008&post=61762&uid=261245835138#/board.php?uid=261245835138

Here are examples of scenarios that you and your peers will discuss with West Point Cadets as your fascilitators.   

Scenario 1

You are a good student and have been accepted at two colleges and are waiting to hear from three more.  You will be the first from your family to attend college and have the support and pride of your whole family behind you.  Your family is taking on a lot of debt to make this possible for you.  You want to assist by earning merit scholarships. 

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Scenario 2

You started your new job at the mall and are really excited. A lot of your friends from school shop and work there, and it’s a lot of fun.

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 Scenario 3

You are on your school's Model United Nations team.   Student teams research the position that selected nations adopt on various issues in the General Assembly.  After developing a "position" consistent with the interests of a selected nation, students present this position with an appropriate rationale. Your school consistently does well and this past season, your team not only went to regionals, but won and earned a place at "nationals," held in New York City.


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