May 17th, 2012:  MNSLS is honored with a
2012 Minnesota Ethical Citizen Award

In conjunction with Minnesota's Character Recognition Day, The Synergy and Leadership Exchange recognizes the West Point Society of Minnesota for The Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar. Ceremony at the capitol building on May 17th. Congratulations!

 The Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar will be recognized at the Capitol on May 17th The West Point Society of Minnesota is proud to be honored with a 2012 Minnesota Ethical Citizen Award from the Synergy and Leadership Exchange for its role in positively impacting the development of ethical leadership within our state.


The Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar first began in 2009 as a way for members of The West Point Society of Minnesota to give back to the community in which they live, work and raise families.  Part of West Point’s mission is to educate, train and inspire its graduates to be leaders of character prepared for a career of service to our nation. The West Point Society of Minnesota membership strongly agrees that all facets of life are better served by leaders of character.  Their outreach effort, The Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar, seeks to introduce Minnesota youth to a small portion of the West Point leader development program to inspire participants to think critically about their decisions and their actions with their values and ethics in mind.
The primary component of the Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar is peer led small group discussions. The student small group breakout sessions are facilitated by West Point Cadets who are trained at leading ethics discussions.  Cadets are age group peers to whom the participating students will easily relate, but at the same time, the high ethical expectations to which they are held give them the credibility to lead meaningful and impactful discussions.  The discussions focus on relevant and realistic scenarios that challenge participants’ understanding of their personal values and candidly examine implications and outcomes.  The cadets, as peers, make the discussions fun and interesting for student participants.
Another highlight to each seminar is a keynote speech given by a Minnesotan who is a leader of character.  Past speakers have been from Law and Academia, Professional Sports and Non-Profits Media and Journalism, and Business. Speakers donate their time and their talent to the seminar. 
The next Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar will be held on November 9th, 2012.  The seminar is absolutely free to participating schools and any secondary school accredited in Minnesota is invited to participate by sending two students and one faculty member.  Space is limited and school register on a first come first serve basis. The seminar is funded by private donations from individuals and organizations who want to support the development of the students of today into the ethical leaders of tomorrow.  Supporting organizations include: The Pentair Foundation, Lennick Aberman Group, The University of St. Thomas, Ver-Tech Labs, Fish and Richardson, and US Bank.  Further information can be found at 
ABOUT the West Point Society of Minnesota – The West Point Society of Minnesota is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with membership consisting of graduates of the United States Military Academy living in Minnesota. 


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