What is the most important thing about the recent revelations of Tiger Woods and his infidelities? 

It is how we respond to them.

ProEthics points out In their blog Ethics Alarms, that there is a big danger letting Tiger Woods off the hook too easily. (see the entire post here:  http://ethicsalarms.com/2009/12/06/tiger-woods-ethics-part-ii-yes-it-matters/

If society wants to be civilized and to provide a stable structure for children to grow and thrive, it must not accept Woods-style misconduct with a giggle and a “boys will be boys.” Or  “superstars will be superstars.”

The blog also dismisses the faulty argument that "everyone does it" by pointing out the often forgotten fact that Everyone DOESN'T do it.  

Sure, it can be difficult avoiding temptation. Doing the right thing is often difficult; if it were easy, we wouldn’t admire the ethical people among us. Doing the right thing is also important. It matters in the context of creating and maintaining a good and functional society. When someone as prominent and popular as Tiger Woods violates such vital societal values, we cannot just shrug it away.  It matters.

Why do some people want to shrug this away?  

Is it because by holding Tiger Woods to a lower standard, they can hold themselves to a similarly low standard?