I was watching the last part of a golf tournament Sunday afternoon - the Heritage at Hilton Head Island and saw an example of ethics that really heartened me!

Two golfers, Jim Furyk and Brian Davis tied for the match and had to go into sudden death. In the first hole Davis (who has never won a PGA tourney) hit his second shot out of bounds to a very bad lie. He chose to play his third shot from there after much deliberation. (He could have dropped the ball somewhere else and taken a 1 stroke penalty.)

The ball was on the sand of a beach at the edge of a marsh surrounded by all sorts of reeds, weeds, etc. The shot was like a really, really hard bunker shot out of really hard sand.

Davis hit the shot and from the camera view behind him it was a pretty good shot, a little long, but on the green. As soon as he hit the shot, Davis went to the umpire. Turns out that as he drew his club back, he had bumped a small piece of a dried reed near his ball. No one had noticed and it was not noticeable on the camera view.

After much discussion and some slo-mo video reviews, yes, the reed had moved requiring a 2 stroke penalty and Davis lost the championship, taking 2nd place in the tourney.

Davis is reported as saying "I know I did it, and I couldn't live with myself if I didn't (call the penalty)."