Chris McDonald, Professor of philosophy and ethics and blogger at The Business Ethics Blog, says that his blog deals with business ethics and includes "questions of good and bad outcomes, right and wrong behaviours, as well as questions of character." 

He notes that it is sometimes hard to have conversations with people about ethics.  He attributes the difficulty to three things:
  1. Discomfort or unfamiliarity with how to talk about ethics. 
  2. Misunderstanding about what ethics encompasses.
  3. Feeling challenged about deeply held beliefs, and personal control.

The Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar is a full day discussion about ethics and its connection with leadership.  Break out sessions are led by peers - Cadets at West Point - so conversations can be comfortable, yet meaningful.  And the point of the day is not to challenge your beliefs, but to challenge you to think more deeply about what your beliefs really are and whether your actions match what you believe. 

So what about you?  How do you react to the word Ethics?  Do you think ethics are hard to talk about because of the three reasons that Mr. McDonald gives?   Are there other barriers to talking about this topic?