On the Responsibility Project blog, Kathy McManus introduces an intriguing question on whether the wave of air-brushed, photoshopped, lip-synched, perfect performances of Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Yo Yo Ma are a new form of responsibility.

The editor of the magazine that featured a photoshopped Kelly Clarkson on the cover insisted that a magazine cover needs to be perfect and reflect "the essence of you at your best."  The producer of Jennifer Hudson's lip-synched performance of the Star Spangled Banner during The Super Bowl said "It's the right way to do it." "...the slightest glitch would devastate the performance."  And the pre-recorded performance of Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman during President Obama's inauguration was justified by the performers because "This occasion's got to be perfect."

In essence they are saying that these performers have a responsibility to be perfect.  It is imperative that they not make a mistake and therefore must fake their performance. 

Is perfection a responsibility?  Is perfection something to admire?  How about faked perfection?  Do any situations warrant tricks to keep up appearances?