The Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar has its name because it is focused on high school students, but in truth the word student can be applied to leaders of any age whether in school or not. 

Leaders must always evaluate how they are doing.  Are they effective?  Are they doing right by their followers? 

On the website StudentLinc, there is a fantastic training matrix that can be used by leaders in all positions at every age.  This site "was created to specifically address the issues and the circumstances faced by student leaders - those young people who are engaged in the leadership laboratory within their school, youth group, civic organization, etc"  but students should realize that these principles won't change as they move to different positions and responsibilities.  Principles of leadership just as values don't change based on circumstance. 

The StudentLinc identifies 5 leadership characteristics and 6 leadership stages and puts them together in a matrix showing how the characteristics are applied at each of the different stages.   You'll find the matrix in the middle of this page.

While it doesn't spell out what character is, evaluating your character and making adjustments based on your evaluation is step 1.  

What is great about this matrix is that it shows how leadership is a never ending evaluation.  When you are an adult and you first get hired...if you are assigned a new responsibility or initiative...w?yola-link-is-coming=truehen you get promoted....if you move to a different organization...these are all times to bring out the matrix and ask yourself "am I the leader that I can be and my people and organization deserve?" 

And now while you are still in school -- Are you a leader in your interactions with friends?  on your sports teams and other extracurriculars?  in the classroom?  at home?  This matrix applies just as well to these situations as student government. 

Being a student doesn't mean that things don't count, that it is somehow different from "reality'  It means that you have the opportunity to act, assess, and change.  Leaders always have that opportunity and the good leaders will take it.