This comes from POPS, a blog about the public relations industry by Jeremy Pepper. 

Jeremy talks about the sometimes uncomfortable position that firms will put their interns in -- asking them to do things that don't seem quite right.  If you are the intern, what do you do?  You want (and need!) the job that the internship could lead to.  You are just a newbie in a company and industry that has been around forever.  You're not sure if what they are asking you to do really is that big a deal - but it doesn't feel right in your gut.  What to do!!!

Jeremy asked a couple of interns for their take -- here is the response by one:

From College Student Doe, a current student: 1st incident - we were trying to promote a viral video and it was sent through the company listserv and to drive up views, employees were asked to continue watching etc. I know that this seems like a small thing but it made me feel uncomfortable because it would translate to impressions to the client and if alot of views were from employees, it seems wrong. I didn't push back because I didn't know if it was common practice done by everyone and I was just the loser intern who was behind the times. I wanted to learn; I thought I was learning. It's like looking up to adults because they were grown up and you weren't. I was an intern, these people have been working for years. What should I have said? Who would have listened? Profit is the answer, not ethics.

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