Scenario 1

You are a good student and have been accepted at two colleges and are waiting to hear from three more.  You will be the first from your family to attend college and have the support and pride of your whole family behind you.  Your family is taking on a lot of debt to make this possible for you.  You want to assist by earning merit scholarships. 

You hear from some friends that competition for these scholarships is intense.  They say that everyone exaggerates a little on the application to get noticed, but it is the interview that is really important. 

You want to make sure that you make the cut to be interviewed.  Without these scholarships, well, let's just say that they will be really important to your parents.  You begin to write and include details that aren't exactly 100% factual.  Reading through your applications, though, you decide that including these details make them much more interesting reading.  The important thing is to be picked for interviews.  Everything can be cleared up then - you just have to make sure you have a shot.

You are excited to find out that the scholarship committee for one of the colleges you’ve applied to is interested in interviewing you.  During your interview, one of the committee members asks you about several accomplishments listed on your scholarship application and specifically some of those details that weren't exactly true.  He says that these details were what made him want to meet you and include you in the interviews.  He wants to hear more.....

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