Scenario 2

You started your new job at the mall and are really excited. A lot of your friends from school shop and work there, and it’s a lot of fun.

Your boss can be very demanding.  Even so, you like her and think she is a fair boss and good to work for. Her expectations are pretty simple and clear, but she isn't one for second chances. 

One of your good friends works at the same store that you do.  To say that she doesn't have the same respect for your boss is an understatement.  In fact, she pretty much hates your boss and calls her a tyrant.

One Saturday morning, your coworker arrives late for her shift and your boss reminds her of the "on time policy" and sends her home without pay.

Your friend finds you at school on Monday to talk about your boss.  "Can you believe it?  What a witch!," your friend says.  "Well, I'll get even - you'll see."

At work the following week, you notice your friend talking to several shoppers who are also friends. They laugh when she doesn’t ring up their purchases letting them know she’ll take care of it...

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