What are student participants saying about the Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar? 

EXPOSURE TO MANY POINTS OF VIEWOur student participants come from every walk of life and from all over the state.  

·        “During the group sessions, the debates helped pull out different perspectives. I was able to learn more about myself and what I think.” –Student Participant

·        “I got to listen to other sides of a potential decision and it was very constructive for me.” – Student Participant

·        “It was interesting to learn about how students from other schools thought and it challenged me to question what I believed which was a fascinating process.” – Student Participant


AWARENESS – Acting in conflict to personal values is not only a leadership failure, it is stressful and unsatisfying.  Awareness of those values is the first critical step.

·        “It opened my eyes to things I might not have considered before.” – Student Participant

·        “It made me put a name to my values that had always been there…” – Student Participant


SAFE AND OPEN ENVIRONMENTWe work to ensure that no student is in a group with someone from their school.  Sensitive topics can be discussed without concern of ramifications come Monday.

·        “The breakout sessions were open and I loved the comfortable environment.” – Student Participant


CHALLENGE Continuous self-examination makes you stronger!

·        “I liked how real the cadets were.  They challenged us to think - even though we are saying the “right” answers will we follow through with them?” – Student Participant

·         “The speakers and scenarios really got you thinking about yourself and your own goals and values.” – Student Participant

·        “Real-life situations made me realize that I have to constantly be adjusting my actions to my values.” – Student Participant


Faculty observations from past years:

·        “If you attend once, you will be back.”

·        “We paid close to $2,000 for a weekend leadership retreat through a local company and your MNSLS was hands down a better leadership experience! “

·        “It was a great day, and our students gave it RAVE reviews!  I appreciate the opportunity, for both myself and our students.”

·        Valued most:  “Interaction outside our own culture or environment.”


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