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The Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar is provided at no cost to participating schools, students, or faculty.   

The seminar is fully funded by private donations from individuals and organizations who want to support the development of the students of today into the leaders of tomorrow.   The West Point Society of Minnesota could not provide the quality program that the high school student and faculty participants deserve without the generous assistance of these individuals and organizations. 

The West Point Society of Minnesota is a 501c3 charitable organization.  
Donations to The Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar are tax deductible. 

How can YOU help??
Every year a number of West Point Alumni from the Twin Cities area meet to coordinate the year's Minnesota Student Leadership Seminar. We are always on the lookout for people who can help in large or small ways to support this important effort, including:

  • Catering support
    • Mostly for the annual MNSLS event itself, coordinating for and providing breakfast and lunch for seminar attendees and staff
  • Meeting space
    • Both for the annual event AND for the periodic meetings of the MNSLS committee during the months leading up to the event
  • Printing of MNSLS materials
    • With up to 75 attendees plus staff, printing and collating all the student materials is a near last-minute rush.
    • If you or your company can participate in printing and delivering student materials for the event it would be MOST helpful
  • Transportation
  • Website management
    • Updating schools registered
    • Small newsy updates in the weeks and months prior to the event
    • Adding photos/videos of the event
    • Simple web management tools experience is all that is needed

If you wish to learn more, please contact us via the "Contact Us" page above.

If the character development of the leaders of tomorrow is important to you or your company, please consider supporting our initiative with a gift of funds, supplies, space, or time.


Corporate Sponsors:


Individual Sponsors:

Lee Anderson '61

Todd Loundenslager '80

Rick Haueter ‘80

Gregory Ridderbusch ‘80

John Monk ‘83

Marvin Hamilton ‘85

Peter Ekberg ‘87

Michael Farley ‘88

Doug Baden ‘88*

John Bruellman ‘90

Tom Pettit ‘91

Dave Limberg ‘92

Lexa Hoffner ‘93*

Steve/Jill Troutner ‘93

Justin Lambert ‘95

Joe Goddu ‘96

Melinda Thein ‘98*

Alan Clinard ‘98*

Anita Caskey ‘00*

Michael Bilardi ‘00

Elsa Bullard ‘00*

Tom Parks ‘00

Aaron Allison ‘00*


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